Bureau of Industrial and Labor
General Affairs Division General Affairs Section
Planning and Coordination Section
Budget Section
Personnel Section
Commerce and Industry Division Coordination Section
New Ventures Support Section
Management Support Section
Local Industry Promotion Section
Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Business Activation Center
Leather Technology Center
Financial Affairs Division Financial Affairs Section
Loans Section
Industry Energy Policy Division Planning Section
Business Energy Promotion Section
New Energy Promotion Section
Tourism Division Planning Section
Promotion Section
Welcoming Environment Promotion Section
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Division Coordination Section
Food Safety Section
Agricultural Promotion Section
Fishery Section
Forestry Section
Agricultural Promotion Office Agricultural Improvement Center(3)
Forestry Office Preservation Section
Forestry Industry Section
Forestry Affairs Branch Office(3)
Islands Area Reseach and
Development Center for Agriculture, Forestry and
Branch Office(3)
Livestock Hygiene Service Center Branch Center
Fertilizer and Feed Inspection Center
Blight and Harmful Insects Prevention Office
Employment Division Coordination Section
Employment Promotion Section
Labor Environment Section
Skills Development Section
Labor Consultation Center Project and Education Section
Consultation and Survey Section
Vocational Skills Development Center(4) Human Resources Development Section
Training Section
Re-employment Promotion and Training Office
Senior Vocarional School
Branch School
Tokyo Vocational Ability Development School for the
Administrative Section
Ability Development Section