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Efforts of Kamulier 1F Shinko Building, 3-2-15 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

We want to give everyone the chance to experience the joy of eating

Our food and dentistry specialists offer the fun of chewing and eating

Kamulier is a cafe focused on chewing, swallowing, and eating through the mouth. The cafe provides sweets with an appearance and aroma that can be enjoyed by people who have decreased oral functions, other people who require care food and easy-to-swallow food, and babies. Junichi Okada, the manager of GC Corporation, and Kayo Shimizu, Kamulier's manager of the cafe, talked to us about the specific efforts the cafe is pursuing to provide support enabling anyone to experience the fun of eating and joy of living.

The cafe's name emphasizes the establishment's focus on eating through the mouth

Our cafe opened in 2013. It was produced by GC Corporation, a general manufacturer of medical equipment for dental specialists. We took advantage of cooperation between food and medical-care experts to open the cafe based on a desire to propose things that can be done to continue eating through the mouth as well as things that can be done to continue leading a life enabling one to enjoy delicious foods.
The cafe's name, Kamulier, is a coined word based on a combination of welcome, kamu (which means to chew in Japanese), and sommelier, and the word expresses the idea of people and a place that convey both the deliciousness of meals and the joy of eating itself.
Our most popular items are our smooth, easy-to-swallow sweets. We provide a new kind of sweets that were devised by a team consisting of Hironobu Tsujiguchi–a world-renowned p√Ętissier–and dental care specialists. These cakes have distinctive sponge features. One reason that conventional sponge cakes cause people to choke is that they absorb water in the mouth. However, we have come up with ways to make our cakes smooth and to give them a texture that melts in your mouth like no cakes before them. They also have a vivid appearance and delicious flavor that can be enjoyed by entire families, which is why they are so popular. We deliver our cakes to locations throughout Japan (except isolated islands).
Other popular items we offer include our thick, cocktail-like sodas, which are available at our cafe.
We also sell products that are carefully selected by our staff, including care foods with various levels based on chewing and swallowing abilities, eating utensils and cutlery focused on ease of use, and chairs that provide eating-posture support.

Eating utensils and cutlery focused on ease of use

Our specialized staff members provide support to help customers eat

In terms of our customer base, many business people who work nearby eat lunch at our cafe. Therefore, we provide a menu of foods intended to provide energy for afternoon work. At tea time–due to the presence of nearby facilities–elderly people, their families, and people in wheelchairs visit our cafe.
People who have disabilities also visit our cafe, but only a few per week at the moment. Lately, there have also been a lot of people who visit our cafe for consultation because they received doctor's instructions regarding meals upon leaving the hospital. Many of these people are uneasy about the language barrier between professionals and laymen, and they are often worried about how care food is made as well as other aspects of their diet after leaving the hospital.
Our care-food cooking classes and seminars are attended by health care providers, in-home care providers, and family members of people who have special dietary needs.
Our cafe's employees include p√Ętissiers, registered dietitians, and dental hygienists. Depending on our customers' concerns, our specialized staff members offer advice on key-points related to family-based self-care.
Because eating is living, we help people learn what they can do during their daily lives to maintain the oral health necessary to go on enjoying the flavor of nutritious, delicious meals for many years to come.

Care foods with levels based on chewing and swallowing abilitiesCakes that don't cause choking

Kamulier, a place for everyone with a desire to eat

There is joy in being able to eat the same food in the same space. That is precisely what Kamulier's cakes offer.
Our goal is to make the surrounding environment better and more enjoyable through food. This means being able to enjoy delicious meals together without any distinction in terms of appearance or flavor. We therefore value our customers' desire to eat by providing cooking classes in line with different food styles, easy-to-hold cutlery wholeheartedly made by craftsmen, and similar products. It seems like our customers are happy to have a place to gather where we can provide products in line with their needs. Every member of our staff is looking forward to welcoming you to our cafe.

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