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Efforts of ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO., LTD (ANA) Shiodome City Center, 1-5-2 Higashishinbashi,Minato-ku, Tokyo

Based on safety and trust, we contribute to a future of dreams where the world is connected by the wings of our hearts

For all passengers to enjoy safe and comfortable air travel

Before the expansion of Covid-19, the airline provided a great amount of service with 137 domestic routes* with 44,325 thousand passengers and 67 international routes with 10,093 thousand passengers (as of 2019). As a leading company in accessible tourism and airlines around the world, we continue to make various efforts to ensure that passengers with disabilities and the elderly can enjoy comfortable and safe air travel. We interviewed Mr. Keiichi Kawasaki and Ms. Aya Matsui, managers of the Operations Support Center, Operations Planning, about a representative example of one of their many efforts.

※Including code-share flights with IBEX Airlines, AIR DO, Solaseed Air, Star Flyer, and Oriental Air Bridge.

To realize "Delightful, kind-hearted & comfortable skies for everybody”

Since its establishment in 1952, ANA has been providing air transportation services with safety as its top priority. In recent years, with the aim of realizing a sustainable society that respects diversity, we have been focusing on "customer diversity" and accelerating the provision of "universal services" to realize “Delightful, kind-hearted & comfortable skies for everybody”. In addition to employee training to improve service as for intangible aspects, all 50 airports in Japan have been implemented with counters with suitable height for wheelchair users (and other customers who wish to complete procedures in a seated position). Furthermore, plastic (non-metallic) wheelchairs are provided so that they will not react to metal detectors.

Wheelchairs are available at some airports, including reclining ones for those who cannot maintain a seated position. Large, fully reclining ones are also available. For more details, please refer to ANA's website "Information For Customers with Disabilities". We support not only wheelchair users but also people with various difficulties. Since our ability may vary depending on the airport and the aircraft conditions, the best support to help you aboard could be provided with consultations in advance.

Initiatives during the Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic from the early spring of 2020, the airport lobbies, and aircraft have been remaining empty for an unexpectedly long time. With no way out in sight, as an airline company, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our operations. Under such conditions, we launched a mail order service for in-flight meals in December 2020. Approximately 50,000 prepared meals were sold out in one month. Many of our customers have told us that they are looking forward to the day when they can travel by airplane, which has given all of us a strong motivation to move forward. Since December 2020, we have also taken measures to prevent infection and conducted charter flights using the A380/FLYING HONU. Initially, we only offered scenic flights. Since April, however, we have been offering flights that include in-flight meals, as well as events where passengers can enjoy in-flight meals in the parked aircraft without flying. The events are fully booked every time.

In 2018 and 2019, we also held a boarding experience program for children with developmental disorders. We had heard that many children with developmental disorders had given up on traveling because of the concerns that they might panic when something unexpected happens. Through this program, we try to give them a "preview" of the trip to ensure they have a clear idea of what to expect so that they could board the plane with a peace of mind during an actual trip. At the same time, the airport staff and flight attendants also learned how to respond to the situation by observing the scene. This effort has led to the preparation of the "Sorapass Book," a pamphlet designed for passengers who have never flown before or who are anxious about the unfamiliar environment of boarding. We have also started the “Sorapass Class (Flight Support Class)” for special-needs school students who fly with ANA, to help them ease their anxiety before boarding and board with peace of mind.

Towards a ‘New Normal Era’

The Covid-19 pandemic was also an opportunity for us all to realize and experience once again the joy of welcoming our customers. ANA has been holding "Mental Barrier-Free Seminars" for its employees since 2016. In 2020, ANA harnessed the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Accessible Tourism Promotion Seminar to hold its 12th "Mental Barrier-Free Seminar" online with 240 Group employee attendants.

We are prepared to meet the expectations of our customers when they return. At the airport and on board the aircraft, we ask for social distance as a measure to prevent infection, guide passengers by seat when boarding and disembarking, use contactless baggage check and check-in procedures, and have our staff wear masks and gloves. For passengers who have not flown in a long time, we ask for their understanding that safety in this "new normal era" is our top priority. ANA will continue to take on the challenge of creating new value by serving as a "bridge" between diverse customers around the world under the theme of “Delightful, kind-hearted & comfortable skies for everybody”.

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