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Efforts of Hotel Cadenza Tokyo 5 Chome-8 Takamatsu, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

Aiming to be a friendly hotel.

Hotel Cadenza Tokyo is situated near the Hikarigaoka Park, a place where you can have a relaxing time. It is a luxurious yet relaxed community-based hotel. In August 2020, it used the project to make accommodation facilities accessible to set up a universal room (a room with support for people with disabilities) that has reclining beds and a spacious bathroom and toilet with handrails. “We are always by our customers’ side.” Having peace in a big city, meeting families or friends, we aim to provide a place for people who have different needs. As a place that help people to connect, we also focus on providing services that can give satisfaction and peace to customers. We interviewed Yoshihiro Hoshino from Hikarigaoka Corporation and Kunifumi Mori from J.City Co.,Ltd (Hotel Cadenza Tokyo), about the hotel’s efforts.

To help people who have needs, our staffs are getting Care-Fitter certification.

Currently, two of our staffs have Care-Fitter certification. “Care-Fitter” is a certification to train people to be able to do what is necessary in a way that is appropriate for the person and situation so that everyone can participate in society, regardless of age or disability, in a society where a diversity of people live, including the elderly and people with disabilities. It is a certification that is increasingly becoming required for companies trying to address the aging population and the “Act for Eliminating Discrimination against People with Disabilities,” for designing disability-friendly services and products, and more. Care-Fitters learn hospitality and caregiving skills in order to help and comfort people, and aim to “provide the right help to the right people in the right place and time.”

Now, more staffs are getting the Care-Fitter certification. The overall initiative of our hotel is to provide the right service at the right time. Our goal is to become a hotel that will keep our guests coming back by paying close attention to their thoughts and feelings.

For example, in the washroom near the front desk on the first floor, there is a step for children to climb to use the washbasin. We have also prepared communication board for people to communicate through writing. On top of that, we also provide wheelchair rental service. Our hotel keeps working on providing the right service to people who have needs.

In order to make our guests enjoy their days, we put effort into the interior design.

Designs like removable handrails in the bathroom and toilet and wheelchair-friendly height of the washbasin are implemented after consulting with professionals. A door closer is installed so that the front door of the guest room can be easily opened and closed. The heights of the luggage space and refrigerator are also adjusted for wheelchair users.

The beds can recline and the bed rails are removable. On the bedside, there are switches for adjusting the lights and curtain. Original pictograms are used to be more easily recognized. Switches of lights and curtain are also installed on the walls. Instead of door viewers, intercoms are used to improve functionality.

Furthermore, since some guests who use wheelchairs said they need more places to grab, we have installed transfer poles. We improve our services and facilities while listening to feedbacks directly from our customers. We believe this kind of support is very convenient for people who have needs. By paying attention to details, we drive to make the best space where everyone can stay very comfortably.

No matter where you are from, every guest can enjoy their time here.

Taking the opportunity of elevator renovation, the supported language in elevators has become bilingual (English). Moreover, limousine bus service between Haneda Airport and hotel has started in Summer of 2021. The limousine bus stop is outside the building, but elders, people who have disabilities, pregnant women, and children can wait for bus in the lobby. Guests can also look for guidance from posters.

Our effort is to make not only Japanese, but everyone to be able to have a nice time. It would be our pleasure if foreign guests who use wheelchair are having a good time in our hotel.

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