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Attracting tourists with cutting-edge technology: Highly immersive virtual reality video promotes “Kyoto by the Sea.”

NTT Learning Systems, based in Minato City, Tokyo, is a solutions provider for various learning environments, such as corporate training and school education, that is also engaged in creating video content. In collaboration with the city of Miyazu in Kyoto Prefecture, the company recently produced a virtual reality video for tourism purposes with the concept of “Kyoto by the Sea.” The project has been attracting attention as a new initiative to boost tourism during the coronavirus pandemic and even after.

Remote sightseeing bus tour of Komatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture attracts 67,000 fans during coronavirus pandemic.

In May 2020, during Japan’s nationwide state of emergency, staff at Dwango Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) launched a remote tourism initiative by driving around tourist destinations in a bus and broadcasting what they experienced live on Dwango’s own Niconico Live video-sharing service. We spoke with Noguchi Yutaro, the man behind the project, about how the initiative came about.

Publicizing the safety of Tokyo’s sightseeing buses by sharing a fact that is common knowledge in the industry — buses can be fully ventilated in 5 minutes

The chartered bus industry has been badly affected by postponements and cancellations of group tours and restrictions on movement brought about by Japan’s state of emergency. Bus companies belonging to the general incorporated Tokyo Bus Association (Shibuya, Tokyo) are no exception, with a significant reduction in income having been forced upon them. Under these circumstances, the association has taken steps to publicize the safety of its buses regarding coronavirus based on information that is common knowledge within the industry. We spoke to Mr. Ueda, the association’s chairman, about these initiatives and asked about the current situation and future of the tour bus industry

Implementation of phone-order shopping service with Matsuya’s unique request order service

In November 2020, the fresh food section of Ginza Matsuya (Chuo City, Tokyo) started a “shopping agency service” that accepts orders over the phone and delivers them on the same day by taxi, in partnership with Checker Cab Co., Ltd. Ginza Matsuya is loved for its high-quality and distinctive product lineup, such as Ozaki beef, of which only 2 cows are produced every month. We interviewed Mr. Katsutoshi Imai, the organizer, about this service.

From online training to attracting tourists to Okinawa, karate tourism evolves during coronavirus pandemic

Ageshio Japan Co., Ltd. (Naha, Okinawa Prefecture) is a travel company that offers karate tourism services, such as karate-themed dojo stays and tours of Okinawa, the birthplace of the martial art. In collaboration with over 400 karate dojos within the prefecture, Ageshio Japan provides karate practitioners and enthusiasts living overseas with various opportunities that combine Okinawa tourism and karate. In line with this, a four-day seminar the company held not long before the outbreak of coronavirus succeeded in attracting some 200 participants. Now, impacted by the spread of the virus, the company has come up with the new idea of online training.