TOKYO観光ガイドブック/TOKYO Sightseeing Guide



 This guidebook introduces the tourism locations, souvenirs, gourmet and more of each city, town and village in the metropolis dividing the metropolis into 8 areas, in addition to 11 recommended tourism routes.
 Japanese and English editions are available. Please use it when you go sightseeing in Tokyo.




 * In this guidebook, the audio code "Uni-Voice" is posted at the bottom of each page.

  You can check the contents by audio when you read it with a smartphone application.




  1 日本語版_表紙・導入.pdf

  2 日本語版_おすすめ観光コース-1.pdf

  3 日本語版_おすすめ観光コース-2.pdf

  4 日本語版_区部東部エリア.pdf

  5 日本語版_区部西部エリア.pdf

  6 日本語版_区部南部エリア.pdf

  7 日本語版_多摩東部エリア.pdf

  8 日本語版_多摩中央エリア.pdf

  9 日本語版_多摩南部エリア.pdf

  10 日本語版_多摩西部エリア.pdf

  11 日本語版_島しょエリア.pdf

  12 日本語版_都外エリア.pdf

  13 日本語版_索引ほか・裏表紙.pdf

TOKYO Sightseeing Guide

 English_whole version.pdf

  1 English_cover,introduction.pdf

  2 English_Recommended sightseeing plans-1.pdf

  3 English_Recommended sightseeing plans-2.pdf

  4 English_Eastern Area.pdf

  5 English_Western Area.pdf

  6 English_Southern Area.pdf

  7 English_Eastern Tama of Tokyo.pdf

  8 English_Central Tama of Tokyo.pdf

  9 English_Southern Tama of Tokyo.pdf

  10 English_Western Tama of Tokyo.pdf

  11 English_The Islands of Tokyo.pdf

  12 English_outside of Tokyo.pdf

  13 English_index,back cover.pdf

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 It is the data that the reading contents of the audio codes are converted into text. Since it is PDF data, you can use the audio reading function.

 * For more accurate audio reading, some parts may be written differently than usual. note that.


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デジタルパンフレットギャラリー/TOKYO Brochures


 At the "TOKYO Brochures" operated by the Tokyo Convention & VIsitors Bureau,you can see this guidebook with digital pamphlet specifications.

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