The Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs has been performing the following initiatives mainly in the five sectors of commerce and industry; financing; tourism; agriculture, forestry and fishery; and employment for various issues related to industry and work employment.

1. Commerce and industry sector

Photo: Commerce and industry sector

Stable growth and development of small and medium sized enterprises that account for over 99% of business establishments in Tokyo is vital for stimulating the economy in the capital. However, the economic environment surrounding small and medium sized enterprises has become extremely severe due to such things as intense international competition and changes in the industrial structure.

To overcome these conditions, we have been funding development costs and providing technological support with test and research institutes and other similar actions for developing products and technology at small and medium sized enterprises, from the planning to product development stage. Furthermore, from an economic perspective, we have been assisting such as the development of sales channels in domestic and foreign markets, while responding to various consultations such as for management, financing and law using specialists such as small and medium sized enterprise consultants. In other areas we are working to promote and develop small and medium sized enterprises in the metropolitan area through various commerce and industry measures such as helping to establish enterprises, maintaining and developing industry clustering, and developing shopping centers.

2. Financing sector

Photo: Financing sector

To work towards the facilitation of procuring funds for small and medium sized enterprises, we are performing tasks such as managing things like funds for small to medium sized enterprises that give economic aid and provide funding necessary for growth to venture companies and directed credit that provides funds following cooperation from Tokyo, the Credit Guarantee Corporation of Tokyo, and financial institutions. For small and medium sized enterprises that require immediate secure funding for such as advanced technology or superior business plans, we are also providing financial assistance linked to financial institutions in the region and Tokyo. Furthermore, we are working to protect the profit of such as fund consumers and ensure the proper operation of money lending businesses by means such as registering and giving instructions to money lenders based on money lending laws and such.

Additionally, while Shinginko Tokyo Limited is working to continuously assist small and medium sized enterprises in the metropolitan area, to achieve a steady economic turnaround, we are working with them to understand and analyze the economic situation, and investigate the use of functions for this.

3. Tourism sector

Photo: Tourism sector

While tourism enriches the spirit, it also has the effect of invigorating regions and economics due to the consumption of goods and services by people and the increase in non-resident population. Also, receiving many domestic and overseas travelers not only deepens global understanding for Tokyo but also leads to an increased international presence for Tokyo.

The tourism division has been aiming to achieve a "Tourist brand city Tokyo" that will be selected by many foreign travelers, and has been promoting initiatives along with five strategies (New promotions to attract foreign travelers, Promotion of MICE hosting and attraction, Development of tourist resources that increase attraction, Enhancement for an accepting environment, Promotion and use of human resources).

4. Agriculture, forestry and Fishery sector

Photo: Agriculture, forestry and Fishery sector

The agriculture, forestry and fishery industry in the metropolitan area has a production value that exceeds 30 billion yen, and the farmland, forests and sea and such, which are production resources, are also valuable locations that are close in terms of nature and familiarity to the residents of Tokyo. The agriculture, forestry and fishery division are working to improve such as the advancing profitability of production revitalization and foundation development for the agriculture, forestry and fishery industry, while making every effort to achieve a rich and plentiful livelihood for Tokyo residents by such means as contributing towards global warming countermeasures and providing recreation and education. They are proactively developing such things as maintenance of safety and security for food, promotion of urban agriculture and preservation of farmland, restoration of aquatic resources, and maintenance for forests and promotion of forestry. They are also working to promote major industries for island regions.

5. Employment sector

Photo: Employment sector

To respond to the various needs of Tokyo residents and to promote employment, Tokyo Employment Service Centers have been set up as a one-stop service organization concerning jobs, where we have been providing detailed employment support such as career counseling, seminars and skill development. Furthermore, we have been cultivating human resources that would support Tokyo's industry through public vocational training at Vocational Skills Development Centers and vocational training in collaboration with private enterprises, while giving seminars on labor consultations and labor matters at Labor Consultation Centers.