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Website Policy

Multilingual Support Policy

Our website is provided in English as well in an effort to provide information on Tokyo to foreigners so that they can understand our efforts.
If you click English at the upper right of the page (or within the menu), the English version of the website is displayed.

Privacy Policy

About rights and links

1. Copyrights

The copyrights for information posted on our website (including sentences, photos, illustrations, etc.) generally belong to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs. However, the copyrights for some images, etc. are owned by their original creators.
Except in cases approved by the Copyright Act, unauthorized reproduction and diversion -including reproduction for private use and quoting- are prohibited.

2. Links

In general, people are free to link to our website regardless of whether doing so is for profit or not. However, if any of the following cases apply or there is a risk of them applying, do not link to our website:

1. Cases where the contents are intended to slander or result in a loss of trust in Tokyo, other companies (people), or groups.
2. Cases involving acts that infringe on or risk infringing on the rights of Tokyo, other companies (people), or groups, including copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights, other property, privacy, or rights of publicity.
3. Cases where there is a possibility of misunderstanding by a third party, such as when it is unclear that the contents belong to Tokyo due to this website being opened in a frame, etc.
4. Cases other than the above involving acts that violate ordinances, regulations, other laws, or public order and standards of decency, as well as cases where there is a risk of interference with the running of our website.
5. Cases where a link is posted by using a logo, mark, or other property of Tokyo without permission.
6. Cases where a link is posted in a way that could result in someone mistaking the information originator.
Also note that our website's URL is subject to change without notice.
We will not bear any responsibility whatsoever regarding compensation, complaints, or other issues related to links.

About technology

1. Recommended environment

We recommend using one of the following browsers to ensure that our website can be used more safely and comfortably:

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer: latest version
2. Google Chrome: latest version
3. Mozilla Firefox: latest version
4. Safari: latest version
5. Microsoft Edge: latest version

2. Used technology

1. Plugins
Adobe Flash Player (Flash Player 9.0.115 or later) is required for some pages on our website.
In addition, Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later) is necessary to view or print PDF files, and RealPlayer / RealOne Player, Microsoft Windows Media Player, or a similar program is necessary to watch videos.
The latest versions are necessary for some pages.

2. Cookies
Our website uses cookies in order to obtain information, etc. necessary to ensure that users can more conveniently view our website when they visit and in order to continuously improve the website.
Cookies are information sent from servers related to running our website to the browsers of users, and the cookies are recorded on user computers. However, the recorded information does not include customer names, addresses, telephone numbers, or any other information that can be used to identify specific individuals.
In addition, cookies do not directly cause any adverse effects to user computers. To understand the access situation of each page, we sometimes use cookies of third-party companies with which our company has contracts as well.
Any user can also block the receipt of cookies by changing their browser settings.
Blocking cookies will not interfere with the viewing of our website in any significant way.
For details on specifying browser settings, see the help for each software or inquire with the manufacturer.

3. JavaScript
Our website uses JavaScript for some contents to ensure that they can be used more comfortably.
If JavaScript is not on (enabled) in the settings for your browser, note that it might not be possible to correctly display or manipulate thJapanese contents.

4. SSL
Our website uses SSL-encrypted communication for some services in order to improve their level of security.
If using the corresponding services, it is necessary for your web browser to support 128-bit SSL.
The use of web browsers that support security functions makes it possible to automatically encrypt real names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other personal information entered by customers when sending or receiving it.
Even if the sent data is somehow intercepted by a third party, there is no need to worry about the contents being stolen.
In addition, depending on firewall and other settings, it might not be possible to use certain pages.

5. PDF
To view PDF files, Adobe Reader (made by Adobe Systems Incorporated) is necessary.
If Adobe Reader is not installed or the website contents are not correctly displayed, try downloading the latest version before viewing the website.

6. Flash
To view contents that use Flash, Adobe Flash Player (made by Adobe Systems Incorporated) is necessary.
If Adobe Flash Player is not installed or the website contents are not correctly displayed, try downloading the latest version before viewing the website.

7. Twitter
See the Twitter website for an explanation of the terms of service.

8. Facebook
See the Facebook website for an explanation of the terms of service.

3. Information system security

Regarding our website, we protect information assets from threats in order to continue conducting business based on the trust of our users and to fulfill our social mission as an administrative organization.

1. To maintain the safety and accuracy of information assets, we strive to prevent unauthorized access, corruption, falsification, loss, leakage, and other problems by implementing suitable safety measures.
2. Regarding the handling of information assets, we comply with the Tokyo Basic Information Security Policy, related laws, and other norms.
3. In cases where Tokyo outsources the processing of information assets to third parties, we manage this appropriately.
4. We strive to create systems aimed at continuous improvement and to maintain and improve information security.

About legal items

1. Disclaimer

We provide no guarantees whatsoever regarding the safety or accuracy of information posted on our website.
The information posted on our website is subject to change without notice.
We will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any losses directly or indirectly resulting from the use of information or contents included on our website.

2. Prohibited items

When using our website, the following acts are prohibited:

1. Acts that prevent or otherwise interfere with the running of our website.
2. Acts that cause or risk causing damage to other users, third parties, or our company in terms of trouble, disadvantages, privacy, etc.
3. Acts that violate or risk violating public order and standards of decency.
4. Acts that violate laws or ordinances.
5. Any other acts deemed inappropriate by Tokyo.

3. Governing law and the court that has jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, the use of our website as well as the interpretation and application of the terms of use stipulated herein are governed by the national laws of Japan.
In addition, regarding any dispute arising in relation to the use of our website, Tokyo District Court has exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.