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Necessity of accessible tourism

Accessible tourism is an initiative aimed at ensuring that everyone can enjoy traveling by addressing the needs of the elderly, people with an impairment and others who have difficulty moving or communicating.
By advancing accessible tourism to welcome the increasing number of diverse travelers from both within Japan and abroad in the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Games, Tokyo will become a city where anyone can enjoy sightseeing in comfort.

The business advantages of promoting accessible tourism

As society continues to age rapidly, the number of elderly and people with an impairment will soon account for more than 30 percent of Japan's population. With the 2020 Games, it is forecasted that travel opportunities for not only foreigners but such people as well will increase.
By learning how to welcome diverse travelers and learning from the initiatives taken by other businesses, you can not only welcome more customers but can look forward to good publicity as tourism spots/facilities that are accessible to senior citizens and those with an impairment.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government provides various kinds of support so that many tourism businesses in Tokyo can actively pursue efforts to promote accessible tourism.

Accessible Tourism Promotion Seminar

Tokyo Metropolitan government holds the Accessible Tourism Promotion Seminar for those involved in the tourism sector in order to provide knowledge on the basics and merits of accessible tourism, how to prepare for the diverse international guests, barrier-free mindsets and the approach to reasonable accommodation reasonable accommodation, and many more. The digest versions of the past seminars are available to the public as well.
※This seminar is held in Japanese.

Accessible Tourism Promotion Seminar

Introduction to examples of accessible-tourism support

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