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Efforts of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo 2-10-8 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Aiming to provide a healthy place for relaxation

Eiichi Ogawa, the first president of Fujita Kanko, had a desire to "provide a healthy and enjoyable place for relaxation," and he was convinced that "making mansions, villas, and gardens, which had been owned by a certain class, available to many people is a great social business. Based on this belief, Ogawa started his tourism business by operating a hotel and restaurant in the mansion and gardens of the Fujita family, which were his roots. This founding spirit of "creating an affluent and prosperous society" has been passed down from generation to generation to all the staff of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo of the Fujita Kanko Group as the basic philosophy of business management, even though social changes, trends of the times, and the means and methods of realization may vary from manager to manager. We spoke with Ayumi Sanada, Marketing Manager of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

All universal rooms are available to connect other rooms. Family and caregivers can spend their time safely and securely.

The floor plan of universal room (Garden View is left)

View from the universal room

For the comfort of our many customers

Aiming to be a hotel loved by three generations of guests, even grandchildren, we are committed to providing services that not only consider the viewpoints of the elderly and handicapped, but also those with small children, etc., so that they can spend a fulfilling time with us.

We have eliminated steps, with the exception of some elevated areas, so that guests in wheelchairs can enjoy the seasonal Japanese garden.

The private rooms of Kinsui, a sukiya-style restaurant overlooking the garden, offer seating with sunken kotatsu or chairs and tables so that guests of all ages, from babies to men and women, can enjoy a leisurely meal and pleasant conversation.

Four universal rooms are available in the hotel. We have automated the guestroom bathroom doors, installed flip-up handrails, and installed single-hand basins. Although there are still improvements to be made, we are committed to providing the best possible support to those who have various problems and respective consultations with us. For more details, please visit our website below.

All universal rooms are available to connect other rooms. Family and caregivers can spend their time safely and securely.

The floor plan of universal room (Garden View is left)

View from the universal room

Forming input from the ideas onsite

We have been promoting barrier-free improvements and continuing to take on the challenge of universal design initiatives, but we believe that there are some things we are not aware of, and we are gathering feedback from all hotel staff.

As an example of one of our efforts, we asked staff members who use wheelchairs and their families to actually stay at the hotel and share with staff members what they noticed as hotel guests, not as part of their job.

In addition, as a new initiative, we have been installed a second "All Gender Restroom" at our second location this summer. This was triggered by an opportunity to hear from our employees regarding our efforts to commemorate the hotel's 70th anniversary, in addition to our regular suggestion boxes. There is one All Gender Restroom in the banquet wing, but none in the separate hotel wing. In the course of our staff's actual contact with guests, we have seen an increase in the number of cases where the gender of the caregiver and the person being cared for differ, and we decided to install All Gender Restroom based on multiple opinions from our staff who felt that having them nearby would increase convenience for guests, regardless of which wing they are in.

Furthermore, at the request of the on-site staff, we suggested the "Dispatch of Advisors to Promote Barrier-Free Lodging Facilities," which is conducted annually by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and received opinions from a specialist advisor on barrier-free facilities. He told us that universal rooms that overlook a Japanese garden and can be used as connecting rooms are expected to be in great demand both in Japan and overseas. We have also been advised that we should more actively promote this on our website and other media. We will continue to consider and shape these various opinions.

Respecting diversity and realizing the increasingly diverse voices of our customers

We, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (Fujita Kanko Group), are developing our business to attend to various scenes in our customers' lives. We wish to evolve and develop our business further by taking into account the various needs and requests that arise at each milestone of life, and by providing new values while preserving the history, culture, and traditions we have cultivated over the years.

We also respect the diversity of our guests and seek to make their stay as comfortable as possible. At the same time, we believe that by respecting the unique opinions and ideas of our employees, we can create new discoveries, and at the same time, our staff can continue to grow together with the company, with pride and confidence in their work. We will continue to work together with our customers, employees, and partners to realize a society that respects the diversity of individuality of all customers.

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