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Explore the popular spots in Tokyo. Tokyo Sightseeing Accessibility Guide. All 3 courses in Islands area

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Islands area course list

This website introduces model courses in the islands area.
On each island course page, the "Route Information" section provides an overview of the model course for each date, and the "Route Details" section provides information on sightseeing, barrier-free access, restrooms, etc. for each facility.

Information on sightseeing spots, restaurants, and accommodation around the course is also available.
*Please enjoy the tour according to the situation, such as shortening the course according your physical condition, available time, and preferences.

  • Ohshima

    Volcanic Island in the Kuroshio Current

    Izu Oshima is the largest of the Izu Islands, located in the ocean, 120 km south of central Tokyo. Mount Mihara rises 758 m above sea level at the center of the island. The entire island of Izu Oshima is an active volcano, the base of which continues to the sea floor. It is also part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, and about 97% of the island is regulated by the Natural Parks Act. Therefore, the natural landscape and ecosystem are well protected, making it an island where visitors can enjoy and learn about the connection between people, land, and nature.

    Go to Ohshima’s page for more details

  • Hachijojima

    Tokyo’s nearest Tropical Island

    Hachijojima is a tropical island that is only a 55-min. flight from Haneda Airport. The Hachijo Round Trip Road is about 45 km long, encircling the gourd-shaped island formed by two volcanoes. Visit the various spots, feel the mountain greenery and sea breeze, experience traditional crafts and performing arts, and enjoy seafood and island shochu.

    Go to Hachijojima’s page for more details

  • Ogasawara Islands

    World Natural Heritage Island

    About 1,000 km south of central Tokyo, the Ogasawara Islands are accessible only by the Ogasawara Maru, a liner that makes one trip every six days, taking 24 hours each way. The islands have never been connected to the mainland since their birth, and there are many endemic species found only on the Ogasawara Islands. Night tours are also popular, allowing visitors to observe the starry night sky and nocturnal creatures, such as the "Ogasawara flying fox”. Visitors will experience the charm of the Ogasawara Islands, which are warm throughout the year and surrounded by beautiful Bonin blue waters.

    Go to Ogasawara Islands’ page for more details

On the occasion of the release of the islands area’s website

The "Tokyo Sightseeing Accessibility Guide" now includes a new website for the islands of Ohshima, Hachijojima, and the Ogasawara Islands, with model courses available for viewing.
The model courses are designed to help the elderly, disabled, and other visitors enjoy sightseeing on the islands with peace of mind, and provide information on barrier-free travel routes and points of interest. The information is intended to allow visitors to enjoy sightseeing by making their own choices based on that information.

Note 1:
This document has been created based on information as of February 2024.
Note 2:
The travel times on the route are based on the following criteria:
Public transportation: Required time announced by the operator.
Taxi and chartered cars: typical time required
Walking: 1 min. / 60 m
Note 3:
It is recommended that you make preliminary confirmations of the information listed here by phone before your outing as there may be changes in the data.
Note 4:
Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury that may be incurred due to this information.
Note 5:
Consumption tax is included in all listed fees as a general rule. Fees such as admission fees are those for adults unless stated otherwise.
Note 6:
It is recommended that visitors with physical impairments make preliminary inquiries at facilities that they wish to visit such as through their websites. They might be offered discounts or exemptions from fees for the disabled, although the conditions for the presentation of physical impairment certificates may differ.
Note 7:
As a general rule, holiday seasons such as the year-end and New Year's holidays, the Obon holiday break, and Golden Week are not listed.
Note 8:
Business hours and closed days may differ from those listed. Please check with each facility and store for details.
Note 9:
As a general rule, the hours listed here are the opening and closing hours. Please note that the final time for admission listed here is generally from 30 minutes to 1 hour before closing time.
Note 10:
Please make confirmations with the transit agency you are travelling with before your outing as traffic information may change due to natural disasters or depending on the season.
Note 11:
Map information is the result of investigation from September 2023 to February 2024.